Amie Getting ReadyAmie Getting Ready

Two of our favourite people got married the other day.  Chris was lucky enough to be a groomsman and Tenille photographed the girls getting ready as a little wedding gift.  Here are some of the photos from the morning.

All the best you two.  You guys are the best.

IMG_8406Amie-V-V-V-001 IMG_8347IMG_8067Amie-V-V-001IMG_8484IMG_8076IMG_8135IMG_7948IMG_8106IMG_8179Amie-H-V-001Amie-H-H-001IMG_8560Amie-H-H-004IMG_8532IMG_8896 Amie-V-V-002-2IMG_8643Amie-V-V-V-002Amie-V-V-003IMG_8690 IMG_8692IMG_8733-cropIMG_8737 IMG_8811Amie-H-H-002 IMG_9084 IMG_9083Amie-V-H-001Amie-H-H-003 IMG_9123 Amie-V-V-004IMG_9154 IMG_9161Amie-V-V-005