Here’s 47 seconds worth of stuff we need you to read:

  • We could tell you all about how much we love wedding photography, but you're smart. You probably figured that out already. We really want to tell you that we get it. We get that there can be times of crazy pressure while you're doing this wedding planning thing.
  • We get that you want everything to be as perfect as it can be. We get that you want to enjoy the whole experience. Really, really enjoy it. And we get that you want to use people who you trust and who have experience. Because heck, this is possibly the first time in your life you've planned anything like this, and it can get a little scary.
  • We get it because not only have we attended and photographed a boat-load of weddings, we planned our own too. We'll use that experience to help you out. We’ll collaborate with you to help you create an event that truly celebrates your love. And at the end of the day, we’ll be right there celebrating with you. It'll be like having a couple of extra bridesmaids. Best of all, it helps us to get some pretty fantastic images.