How To Not Let Pinterest Ruin Your Wedding

How To Not Let Pinterest Ruin Your Wedding
As photographers, we absolutely love using Pinterest. We especially love Pinterest for wedding planning. It's an endless source of pretty things, useful things and interesting ideas. More than one bride has told us that Pinterest is one of the greatest tools when planning a wedding. But on the flip side, it can also become a source of major overwhelm and anxiety. [...]

Parnell Surprise Proposal + Engagement SessionKimberley + Thomas

Parnell Surprise Proposal + Engagement Session
This particular surprise proposal shoot is very near and dear to us ;) One day, Thomas commented on a photo of a bottle of L&P that Kimberley had shared on Instagram. Thus began their adorable love story.   So when Thom asked us if we could hide behind bushes and lampposts to photograph his surprise proposal to Kimmy, it was kind of a no brainer to say yes... [...]

Mount Eden Engagement PartyRachel + Guy

Mount Eden Engagement Party
Instead of opting for a couples shoot, Rachel and Guy asked if we could shoot their engagement party instead. Such a great idea. We got to hang out with some of the people who will be at their wedding, and capture Rachel and Guy celebrating their engagement with their closest friends and family. Which we thought was pretty darn cool. Can't wait to shoot your wed[...]

A Little Bit Gatsby Styled ShootA Little Bit Gatbsy

A Little Bit Gatsby Styled Shoot
Tenille’s parents had their 30th wedding anniversary this year. As a little gift to them, we planned and threw them a surprise party. Two days before the party we did a styled shoot with all the pretty bits and bobs. The shoot went great, and served as the perfect distraction to keep Tenille’s parents in the dark about the surprise party. Thanks to everyone who hel[...]

• Collaborate • Celebrate • Capture •

• Collaborate • Celebrate • Capture •
For most people, when they plan their wedding it's the first time in their life that they have to put together an event of that scale, magnitude and cost. It can be pretty daunting to try figure out where to start with all the planning and the lists and the budgeting and the phone calls... Especially the phone calls... We know exactly how it feels. We've been the[...]

The Weightiest Piece of Wedding Advice You’ll Ever Get

The Weightiest Piece of Wedding Advice You'll Ever Get
There's one piece of advice we always give to couples and friends who get engaged. On the surface it looks like a planning tip, but really, it's a lot more than that. In fact, this little piece of advice can help keep you sane during the entire wedding planning process. So stop for a second. And read it slowly:   Figure out what the most important part[...]